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What Would You Do for Love?

The Long and Short of It
This is a story about love--introduced in canon and left unfold. Tell your version here. Fanart, fanfiction, vids, icons, random observations, all welcome.

Feel free to introduce yourself in posts.

Sean and Holden series as eye candy
Hi all! Long time no update. Please accept my apologies, LiveJournal wasn't being the friendliest of places for a little while.

But this is to let you all who are still interested know that (1) the series I'm writing is ongoing and can still be found at Archive of Our Own.

And (2) I've created a Tumblr for the series, at It's based on my writing, though the earlier posts are also concepts from the movie. I'm trying to create an interesting and hopefully entertaining visual companion to a pairing that has practically none.

If anyone here is still interested in these guys, feel free to check out the Tumblr. If, however, you're interested but would like the posts put here as well, please do let me know in comments. I just didn't wish to spam the community with nothing but my stuff.

Falling - A Sean/Holden Fanfiction
Hi! I'm new to the community, and I know it hasn't been updated for a while, but I just discovered the group and thought I'd share this. I usually post over at, but I thought this might be a nice change of venue.

Title: Falling

Rating: PG

Summary: Sometimes, it just takes one look and you know. You just know things, and it's scary, but not in a bad way. It's scary because it's so new, and you know your world's about to change.

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AU Art and Fics

A/N: These are all my Valentine's Day-related entries for the au_bingo Round 2 challenge. Please see individual 'author's notes' for more information.

My AU Bingo card/ masterlist

Disclaimer: These fictions and art were created for non-profitable purpose.

Title: Earth Watch
Author/ Artist: clover71
AU Bingo Prompt: astronauts
Medium: art, 580x435
Rating: PG
Summary: [AU] Why wasn't Houston warned that Earth was about to be attacked by aliens?

Title: Teacher, Teach Me How To Dougie (idek, couldn't think of a title)
Author/ Artist: clover71
AU Bingo Prompt: teachers / professors
Medium: fic, roughly 1,150 words
Rating: PG-13
Summary: [AU] Holden thought teaching was the job for him but boy, he was wrong.

Title: Surviving Doomsday
Author/ Artist: clover71
AU Bingo Prompt: post-atomic age
Medium: fic, 1,400+ words
Rating: PG
Warnings: Implied violence
Summary: [AU] The test site was supposed to be somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, not in the city where Sean and Holden lived.

Way late but hopefully not a dollar short
holden stare
My entry for the 2012 Valentine's Day Challenge! Argh, real life. How you wound me.

One Chance At Love at Archive of Our Own. Hope you enjoy!

Title: The Perfect Valentine’s Day in Five easy steps
Winters/Nixon Real
Title: The Perfect Valentine’s Day in Five easy steps
Word Count: 1,227
Challenge: sean_holden’s 2012 Valentine's Day Challenge
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Sean/Holden
Summary: It’s their first Valentine’s Day as a couple and they both want it to be great.
Author's Notes: Rather quick as I didn’t have a lot of time this week but I hope you all enjoy it.

Link: The Perfect Valentine’s Day in Five easy steps

2012 Valentine's Day Challenge Update!
sean red tie
Sorry for the late update on the 2012 V-Day Challenge, but here we go!

Participants: (so far)

"First Valentine."

Vid: Any length
Fic: 900 words or more
Pic-Spam: Knock yourself out!
Artwork: More than welcome!

Challenge Period:
Tues. Feb 14 - Sunday, Feb. 19

Submit as many times as you want!

Darlings, start your engines. And have you some fun!

Knock Knock!
holden smile suit
All right, look. The community has been rather quiet, but now I'm giving us all a push.

I'm thinking of arranging a 2012 Valentine's Day Challenge for anyone who's interested in writing/drawing/pic-spamming/vidding anything that they'd like.

It wouldn't be anything complex or extraordinarily time consuming (e.g. no word count specifications).

This would be the "feeling out" post.

So is anyone interested? :DD

Please comment if you would be. I'll collect comments over the next few days and we can go from there.

And thank you!!

Valentine's Day Series Update
holden smile suit
Hi all!

The next part of my series, now entitled Willing to Take the Risk, has been posted to Archive of Our Own.

Right When It's Right, Part I

Hope you enjoy! :))

by babycakesin: calvin
I.. am about to die laughing. No, I believe I have died laughing, and am writing this from the great beyond.

Take a look at this video.

It's Bradley Cooper being interviewed alongside Julie Roberts for Valentine's Day. The entire interview is hysterical because he and Roberts are clearly having a good ol' time after probably three weeks straight of press interviews featuring the same questions.

But what's truly hysterical comes in at min 2, courtesy of this classic L.A. "entertainment reporter" chic. It's jaw-dropping and Bradley Cooper's reaction is just-- I mean, the man is just shattered, and for the purposes of this comm, just so wrong. I'm going to lie down now.

P.S. Holden looks good in purple. Mrow.

Next Part In My Valentine's Day 2010 Series!
sean red tie
Unlocked in my writing comm for two weeks, after which you can join here to read. Leave anytime. Thanks, and enjoy.

Title: Not For The Fact
Pairing: Sean/Holden
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The journey of a thousand miles.

Hard to Forget (1/)
Just to Remind (2/)

Not For The Fact


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