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What Would You Do for Love?

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AU Art and Fics
clover71 wrote in sean_holden

A/N: These are all my Valentine's Day-related entries for the au_bingo Round 2 challenge. Please see individual 'author's notes' for more information.

My AU Bingo card/ masterlist

Disclaimer: These fictions and art were created for non-profitable purpose.

Title: Earth Watch
Author/ Artist: clover71
AU Bingo Prompt: astronauts
Medium: art, 580x435
Rating: PG
Summary: [AU] Why wasn't Houston warned that Earth was about to be attacked by aliens?

Title: Teacher, Teach Me How To Dougie (idek, couldn't think of a title)
Author/ Artist: clover71
AU Bingo Prompt: teachers / professors
Medium: fic, roughly 1,150 words
Rating: PG-13
Summary: [AU] Holden thought teaching was the job for him but boy, he was wrong.

Title: Surviving Doomsday
Author/ Artist: clover71
AU Bingo Prompt: post-atomic age
Medium: fic, 1,400+ words
Rating: PG
Warnings: Implied violence
Summary: [AU] The test site was supposed to be somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, not in the city where Sean and Holden lived.


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