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Sean and Holden series as eye candy
perseph2hades wrote in sean_holden
Hi all! Long time no update. Please accept my apologies, LiveJournal wasn't being the friendliest of places for a little while.

But this is to let you all who are still interested know that (1) the series I'm writing is ongoing and can still be found at Archive of Our Own.

And (2) I've created a Tumblr for the series, at It's based on my writing, though the earlier posts are also concepts from the movie. I'm trying to create an interesting and hopefully entertaining visual companion to a pairing that has practically none.

If anyone here is still interested in these guys, feel free to check out the Tumblr. If, however, you're interested but would like the posts put here as well, please do let me know in comments. I just didn't wish to spam the community with nothing but my stuff.

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Pick me up off the floor. Dear God, woman, it's good to see you.

Woooman. I will pick you up off the floor and eat you all up. How the hell are you!! Where are you??

I'm exactly where you left me, with every possible major life event happening since we last kissed. Do you still have the same email? Are you back in the Western Hemisphere?

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