Sean x Holden

What Would You Do for Love?

Had To Be Done
by eomers_elf: eric grinning

:D Happy Valentine's Day, all!

Fic: We Can't
Title: We Can't
Rating: PG
Summary: Just one little take on how the initial breakup happened.
Disclaimer: Don't own these two delicious men or the movie.

(Read Right Here!!)

Fic Links
sean red tie
Just in case anyone missed it, there's The Kicker in a Julep, a Yuletide 2010 fic written by Meadow Lion.

It's over at A03. Enjoy!


Fic: Gives it Meaning, NC-17.
game afoot
disclaimer. Not mine and none of the events described here in have any basis in reality.
title. Gives it Meaning
rating. NC-17
pairing. Sean/Holden
summary. He'd needed Holden, needed him to understand how much Sean loved him.
notes. I have had Valentine's Day on repeat for several days - this bloomed out of that.

( Gives it Meaning )

To The Writers Out There
holden stare
I thought some of your might be interested to know, or for anyone looking for a jog to write a little something:

There are two unfilled prompts for the pairing prompted by tigriswolf back in November. They're in comment_fic and can be found HERE and HERE.

I think they're both quite yummy.

So go knock 'em dead, and don't forget to post here if you do! :D


Fic Links
sean j.
Here is a link to fic I found on I've never really done rec lists, and a lot of people seem to have an aversion for fic found on, so proceed at your own pace. Other than that, hope you find something you like.



Introductory Post
sean smiling
Hello and welcome!

As the header and the User Profile says, this is a comm for the Sean/Holden pairing from the movie Valentine's Day.

As many of us have to scour the web to find fic of this pairing, please feel free to post past fic at any time.

Or if you would just like to introduce yourself to the community and share your moment of *thud* at first seeing the pairing onscreen, go right ahead.

That's it. Make yourself at home and have some good, sexy fun with this pairing. They're asking for it.


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